"The key to success is

  the quality

of our products "


El Carmen, Valencia



“The quality of the ingredients, such as the flour, the extra virgin olive oil, the manual dexterity in the preparation of the dough, as well as a constant temperature in all the yeast stages are essential elements to prepare a good pizza. We continue to be faithful to our old family recipes to offer you a unique taste experience. "


Salvatore cipollina

The restaurant

Boccaccio Ristorante Italiano

La Nostra Estoria

“The only restaurant in the heart of Valencia that uses modern Italian and Mediterranean cuisine with many novelties such as 100 pizzas .
We are proud to serve the best quality Italian food and with a unique flavor that distinguishes them from other Italian restaurants, something that they achieve by putting special care and care in the use of fresh, original and high quality ingredients .
The dishes that make up your menu are prepared by strictly following all the essential steps when preparing an authentic, tasty and unforgettable Italian meal.
Being strictly faithful to the old family recipes so that its guests can enjoy a unique and authentic gastronomic experience, savoring a spectacular Italian meal in the city of Valencia, in the heart of in the barrio
del Carmen
 . "



Boccaccio Ristorante Italiano

All the restaurants in the Boccaccio group create food of the highest quality, but each restaurant displays its own unique style of food due to the individuality of our creative cooks and our management.